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Forensic Accounting Services

Attorneys for a hotel partnership sued by their lender for payments due under a cash flow mortgage engaged me to evaluate hotel accounting practices including financial reporting pursuant to a bankruptcy reorganization plan, and to testify as an expert witness at trial. Engagement scope included detailed analyses and comparisons to industry custom and practice of reports submitted by experts engaged by the lender. My analyses and testimony were critical components of the client's successful defense and payment of no damages.

Fraud Investigation Services

In-house counsel at a resort hotel engaged me to investigate an embezzlement. My investigation included meeting with police detectives to identify specifics relating to case evidence and the preferred presentation of that evidence for submission to the local District Attorney's office. The investigation proceeded with analyses revealing a fraud occurring over an extended period of time and hidden by increasingly complicated means. At the conclusion of evidence gathering, I made a presentation to the management team discussing the fraud and making recommendations for changes to existing operating policies and procedures to help insure such a fraud would not reoccur. A criminal conviction was obtained, as was an order for restitution that included my fee.

Management Outsourcing/ Interim Controller Services

I was engaged by the new owner of a large casino hotel to temporarily assume hotel controller responsibilities following the resignation of the existing hotel controller immediately after closing the purchase. Financial and management reporting systems in use by the seller did not transfer to the new owner, and many other changes required to transition the property to new ownership had not been completed. During the period prior to the identification and hiring of a new hotel controller I handled all aspects of the hotel accounting function including completion of critical transition tasks involving cash matters and internal management reporting. New accounting software was also installed during this same time period. Additionally, I participated in the selection process for the new hotel controller.

Licensed by the California Board of Accountancy

Accounting and Consulting to the Hospitality Industry

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